Hi! I’m Cedric, a video producer and photographer.

About 3200K Studio

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Our team, composed of skilled videographers and photographers, specializes in creating compelling commercial content for e-commerce sellers across platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and beyond.

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Chief Video Producer & Gaffer

His dual expertise in video production and social media advertising fuels our creative engine. With a keen eye for compelling visuals and a strategic mind for digital trends, Cedric masterfully blends storytelling with brand objectives to craft content that not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally across platforms.

Chief Studio Manager & Art Director

Her exceptional artistry transforms every project into a masterpiece. With an outstanding taste for art, Cloris has the unique ability to see the potential in every setting, making it more beautiful and impactful than one could imagine. Her visionary approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of our work but also enhances the narrative power of every shot.

Chief Photographer & Editor

Boasting over 10 years of experience that anchors our visual storytelling, his journey through the commercial photography industry has endowed him with unparalleled mastery over both the lens and the editing suite. His extensive expertise and sharp eye for detail have been crucial in capturing the essence of brands and creating extraordinary visuals.

Photographer & Production Assistant

His multifaceted skill set bridges the gap between photography and production assistance, ensuring that every aspect of our shoots is executed with precision and artistry. Lee’s dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of excellence are evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the vibrant energy he brings to every project.

How We Operate

As a specialized video and photo studio, we concentrate on a select group of clients to ensure quality over quantity. The key to our approach is continuous dialogue. We understand that our success is directly linked to yours, and by contributing to your growth, we thrive together.

Recognizing the distinct needs of every project, we collaborate closely with you to develop a strategy that precisely identifies your audience and the best methods of engagement. Our aim is to devise a customized, cohesive plan that elevates your brand in a competitive space.

In the realm of visuals, your image and video are crucial. We are dedicated to producing exceptional creative work that effectively tells your story to your audience. When customers see how your brand influences their identity, they’re not just more inclined to buy—they’re also prepared to pay a premium.

Great concepts are just the beginning. Bringing your vision to life demands rigorous effort. That’s where our outstanding project planning and management system comes into play, ensuring accountability for each task and its timely completion. Our commitment is to transform your ambitious ideas into reality.

Create captivating visuals to inspire purchases.

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